Kids Nightly Essentials - Hiya Health | Essential Super Nutrients for Kids
Kids Nightly Essentials - Hiya Health | Essential Super Nutrients for Kids
Kids Nightly Essentials - Hiya Health | Essential Super Nutrients for Kids
Kids Bedtime Essentials - Hiya Health | Essential Super Nutrients for Kids
Kids Nightly Essentials - Hiya Health | Essential Super Nutrients for Kids
Kids Nightly Essentials - Hiya Health | Essential Super Nutrients for Kids
Kids Nightly Essentials - Hiya Health | Essential Super Nutrients for Kids
Kids Bedtime Essentials - Hiya Health | Essential Super Nutrients for Kids

Kids Bedtime Essentials



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A nightly chewable with unique restorative essentials to support calm, focus, brain health, and a good night’s sleep — always with zero melatonin and zero added sugar.*
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Supplement Facts


How many kids are you purchasing for?

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  • Brain Health*
  • Drug-Free Sleep Support*
  • Relaxation & Stress*
  • Focus and Calm*
  • Restore*
  • Non-Habit Forming
  • Melatonin-Free
  • Vitamin B6
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • L-theanine
  • GABA
  • Chamomile Flower Extract
  • Arrives fresh with a 30-day supply, refillable glass bottle to decorate, and no-plastic refill pouches sent monthly on a pediatrician-recommended schedule

Why Bedtime Essentials

Kids today are often overstimulated. Our bedtime essentials can help support:

  • Brain

  • Drug-Free Sleep Support*

  • Nighttime

  • Relax &

How do we stack up?

Typical kids vitamins are sugar-coated gummies stored in plastic bottles. Hiya is different. See how we compare.

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Good Night's Rest*
Refreshed Mornings*
Non-Habit Forming
Kids Only
Zero Added Sugar
No Gummy Junk
Reusable Bottle
One A Day

“I recommend Hiya over sugar-filled gummies to all the patients in my office.”


Zero Melatonin

Added sugar can impact sleep, gummy additives can contribute to nighttime cavities, and there are increasing questions and concerns around potential health issues associated with melatonin and kids. Instead we focus on seven core essentials each individually selected for unique nighttime benefits.


No Junk before Bed

We’re only now beginning to understand the important connection between the seven essential nutrients we choose and how they can help kids relax their bodies and restore their minds at night, which is when so much childhood development occurs.


Safe & Effective for Kids

Nighttime is when children’s bodies regroup, their brains restore, and their minds rejuvenate. Our Bedtime Essentials includes restorative essentials specifically chosen to support a healthy wind down period and provide key benefits during the night — and always with a taste kids love.

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We Want You to Ask Questions!

Seriously. Our team of vitamin experts and scientists has answers.

Why can so many kids benefit from your Bedtime Essentials?


Kids today are often overstimulated – whether due to excess screen time, processed food, social media, lack of outside play, and more. The result is unfortunately many kids have a difficult time winding down both their body and their mind, which can translate to general unease, restless sleep, and sub-optimal development. While the nutrients we select are not the only way to relax and restore, they can be a key component for all types of kids.

What ingredients do you include in your Bedtime Essentials?


Our Bedtime Essentials include a blend of vitamins and minerals known to support a variety of nighttime functions. For example, L-theanine is an amino acid known to support calm and relaxation while b6 is a key vitamin known to support brain restoration in kids. As with our other products, as experts learn more about what exactly takes place during relaxation and wind down, our formulations will always take the latest science into account.

How is your Bedtime Essentials different from your Daily Multivitamin?


Our daily multivitamin includes 15 essential ingredients known to support immunity, development, and more. On the other hand, our daily essentials include unique vitamins expressly selected to support brain health, gentle sleep, calm and focus. You can think of our Bedtime Essentials as the ideal option for restoration and rejuvenation during the important period from winddown to wakeup.

Can my child take your Bedtime Essentials alongside your multivitamin and probiotic?


Yes – each product serves a different purpose and includes a unique set of vitamins and minerals without overlap. All our products exist to complement each other depending on what you’re looking for.

What's wrong with many bedtime products for kids?


Unfortunately, many bedtime products for kids include ingredients we don’t believe kids should take regularly at night. Added sugar is especially bad before bed, gummy additives can get stuck in teeth and contribute to cavities at night, and melatonin might not be necessary for the vast majority of kids and may instead contribute to unwanted issues.

Wait — what are potential issues with melatonin and kids?


Over the last decade, the number of pediatric ingestions of melatonin reported to poison control centers increased by more than 530 percent. While many of these situations were innocuous, about ten percent led to treatment at healthcare facilities. Additionally, many experts are asking increasing questions about melatonin and puberty. Our view is unless melatonin is prescribed by a pediatrician, melatonin among kids should be far less common than it is.

If there’s no added sugar, how does your Bedtime Essentials taste so good?


As with our other products, our nightly essentials is sweetened without sugar. Rather our tablet includes a blend of monk fruit extract — a superfruit that is sweeter than sugar for a taste kids love, and mannitol — a sweetener also found in pumpkins and strawberries.

When should my child take this?


While every family has their own nighttime routine, we suggest parents give this to kids before bed. That could be just after bathtime or during the witching hour – if you have one.

So my child only needs one Bedtime Essentials per night?


Yes – we suggest just one per night based on your kid’s needs. You can take your Bedtime Essentials as needed or more regularly – it’s up to you. For any questions about dosage, please consult your pediatrician.

What happens if I have unused vitamins?


When you get a new delivery, for optimal potency, we suggest replacing your old vitamins with your fresh ones. That way you can be sure your child is always putting the freshest nutrients in their growing bodies.

What ages should take this product?


Our Bedtime Essentials is designed for boys and girls starting at age 2. Since every child is different and some ingredients may have different studies associated with persistent use, please always consult your pediatrician to make sure this product is right for your child.

How does your subscription work?


As parents ourselves, we know parents have enough to worry about — let alone worrying about their vitamin order. That's why we designed all orders to be easy-to-start, easy-to-cancel as part of our monthly subscription, which includes a free and easy cancellation and ability to control your delivery date. Your first month you receive a 30-day supply of fresh vitamins and a reusable glass bottle meant to be personalized with stickers. Then each month thereafter you receive a recyclable refill pouch to fill up your bottle with fresh vitamins. The monthly experience is based on a pediatrician-recommended delivery schedule and is designed to teach your children healthy habits and care for the environment.

How do I adjust my order?


If you want to adjust anything or cancel your order, you may email us directly at with your request. Alternatively you may adjust any order directly in your account by clicking 'Manage Subscription' from the initial email you should have received upon your first order.

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