Kids Immune Sticks
Kids Immune Sticks
Kids Immune Sticks
Kids Immune Sticks
Kids Immune Sticks
Kids Immune Sticks
Kids Immune Sticks
Kids Immune Sticks

Kids Immune Sticks

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Boost your kids' defenses with our unique powder blend, promoting a healthy immune response and optimum vitamin C levels. Ideal for occasional use when they need an extra boost.*
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2+ Years

Supplement Facts

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Choose your quantity:

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  • Immune Support
  • Boosts Natural Defenses
  • Reduces severity
  • Shortens duration
  • Strengthens body
  • Builds resilience
  • Promotes wellness
  • Provides protection
  • Vitamin C
  • Elderberry
  • Beta-Glucans (from algae)
  • Arrives fresh with 15 immune sticks (to be taken every other day) and no-plastic refill pouch sent monthly on a pediatrician-recommended schedule.

Why Immune Sticks?

Kids are often exposed to germs yet need to stay healthy. Our Immune+ can help support:

  • Toddlers in Daycare

  • Traveling Families

  • Kids in School

  • Health-Conscious Families

  • Picky Eaters

  • Multi-Sport & Active Kids

How do we
stack up?

How do we stack up?

Many immune products use unnecessary additives, dyes, and sugar. Hiya is different. See how we compare.

Other Brands
High in Antioxidants
Sourced from Natural Plants
Optimized for Kids
Zero Added Sugar
Quick Dissolve
Delicious Taste
Made for Regular Use

“Hiya’s Immune Sticks help kids stay healthy. Big recommendation!”


Supports Kids Immune Systems 

Kids' immune systems are constantly under attack, yet many immune products overlook key nutrients essential for optimal support. We formulated our Immune Sticks in a potent powder form, providing powerful defense for kids 2+.


Improved Overall
Health and Wellness

Crafted with precision, our unique immune blend includes  Vitamin C, Elderberry, and Beta Glucans to ensure optimal synergy. Our powerful trio supports natural defenses, antioxidant protection, and a healthy immune response, enhancing children’s overall health with on-demand efficacy.


Safe & Easy
for Kids

Whether it’s a change in seasons or a germy environment, when your kids need added support, our Immune Sticks are quick and easy to use. Just pour into your mouth or easily add to liquid –  — always with zero sugar and a taste kids love.

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We Want You to Ask Questions!

Seriously. Our team of vitamin experts and scientists has answers.

Why can so many kids benefit from your Kids Immune Sticks?


Kids are constantly on the go and exposed to challenging environments, yet their immune systems are still being developed, which is why they can use extra immune support. Yet many immune products lack key ingredients, include added sugar, and suffer from stability issues. That’s why we created our Kids Immune Sticks -- with a unique defense blend in an -easy-to-use stick format kids love.

How often should my kids take your Immune Sticks?


We suggest our Immune Sticks when you kids need a defense boost. Depending on your situation, that can mean daily or on-demand – it’s up to you and your family needs. Many families give them on school days as an extra boost while others use them when feeling in need.

What ingredients are in your Immune Sticks?


Our Immune Sticks include three powerful defense actives – beta glucans sourced from algae, vitamin c in two forms, and elderberry. This powerful combo helps support a healthy immune system and keep your kids healthy.

What are Beta Glucans and why do you include them in your Kids Immune Sticks?


Beta Glucans are dietary fiber that comes from the cell walls of certain foods. We specifically use Beta Glucans derived from algae due to high rates of absorption. Beta glucans help activate and strengthen immune cells to to fight off harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Think of them like giving your child's immune system a little boost while also acting as a quality antioxidant.

Can my child take your Kids Immune Sticks alongside your other products like your Kids Daily Multivitamin?


Absolutely. All our products are designed to be mixed and matched whenever possible. In fact, the best immune support comes when you pair our Immune Sticks with our chewables.

Together, they provide baseline immune support to set kids up to grow up healthy, while also providing that extra boost when it’s needed- on trips, on schooldays, and whenever kids might be in germy environments.

As a best practice, please consult your pediatrician when deciding what’s best for your kids.

Why do pediatricians and nutritionists have questions around kids' immune gummies?


Most vitamins for kids come in gummy form yet many experts have concerns about gummies when it comes to important nutrients and stability.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which means it can break down easily when exposed to things like oxygen, moisture, light, and heat during the manufacturing process. The problem is many experts believe Vitamin C degrades rather quickly in gummy vitamins, leaving your kids with different levels and amounts than you may be expecting.

So while gummy vitamins may taste good to kids and seem like an easy answer, many experts express doubts about whether they can effectively deliver adequate amounts of key nutrients that parents may be expecting

Wait — gummies have stability issues?


Yes, that's right. Because of how gummy vitamins are made, it's difficult for them to keep important nutrients stable and at proper levels you can rely on.

At the same time, gummy vitamins often includeingredients that many parents want to avoid, such as added sugar, extra preservatives, and pork-based gelatin.

If there’s no added sugar, how do your Kids Immune Sticks taste so good?


As with our other products, our Kids Immune Sticks are sweetened with zero added sugar. Rather we sweeten the Immune Sticks with Xylitol, which provides an additional layer of improved dental protection.

So my child only needs one Immune Stick at a time?


Yes – we suggest taking just one at a time. For any questions about dosage, please consult your pediatrician.

What ages should take this product?


Our Kids Immune Sticks are designed for boys and girls starting at age 2through teenage years. Since every child is different, please always consult your pediatrician to make sure this product is right for your child.

How does your subscription work?


As parents ourselves, we know you've got enough on your plate without having to worry about vitamin orders and deliveries. That's why we designed our subscription to be easy and convenient.

Here's how it works: For your first order, we'll send you an initial supply. Then, each month after that, you'll get another pouch delivered right to your door. The monthly deliveries are timed based on pediatrician recommendations to keep your kids on a healthy routine.

And if you ever need to cancel or delay a shipment, just let us know. No hassles, we make it simple to modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

How do I adjust my order?


If you want to adjust anything or cancel your order, you may email us directly at with your request. Alternatively you may adjust any order directly in your account by clicking 'Manage Subscription' from the initial email you should have received upon your first order.